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  • Collapsible PDW Stock

    This is a 5 – position collapsible stock for an AR-10 type rifle.  Works with any existing Mil-Spec Bolt Carrier allowing use with both gas impingement and gas piston systems.  Requires only one-handed operation and will lock in the closed, intermediate and extended positions.  Supplied with Springs and buffer.
    H0 Buffer is 3.1 oz   $495.00
    H1 Buffer is 3.9 oz   $495.00
    H2 Buffer is 4.6 oz   $505.00
    H3 Buffer is 5.3 oz   $515.00

    Weight:                                                          29 oz.
    Length Collapsed:                                       5 – 5/8″   (from lower receiver buffer extension)
    Length Extended:                                        10 – 5/8″
    Postion increments:                                    5 x 1″

    Current Stock Status:      In Stock

    7.62 ARC Stock Multi Pos