Incorporated in the state of Florida, in January 2000 by Stan Meacham and Gared Von Benecke, two veterans and evangelists of the manufacturing and firearms industries. Our initial vision was to manufacture and assemble USA made products to service the Titanium Jewelry and Firearms Industries. However over the years we have expanded into other niche markets such as the Marine Engine Parts, Tollgate Breakaway Arms for the Department of transportation, Medical tolls and devices and Rotary Race engine parts, among others.


Gared Von Beneke serves our President & CEO. A passionate firearms aficionado and enthusiast since his early age. He came to the USA with the passion of getting into the firearms industry. His first job out of college was as a Mechanical Engineer at ASERMA Manufacturing, Inc. a military contractor for firearms and Aircraft Weapon Systems, that included MK 81 & 82 bombs. After ASERMA, he was hired by Heritage Manufacturing, Inc. (Heritage) a highly recognized manufacturer of Revolvers as a Production Manager. Whiled employed at Heritage he met Stan Meacham and they discussed the opportunity to explore their expertise in the firearm industry and deploy their entrepreneur skills, thus the birth of MVB Industries, Inc. Gared holds a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Durban University of Technology and a Mechanical Engineering Degree validation certificate from the University of Miami in Florida. Gared is also a member of the National Rifle association.


Stan Meacham currently serves as our Chief Operations Officer responsible for our entire production and quality control areas. Stan has over 20 years of manufacturing experience in the Firearms industry. A self-taught manufacturing engineer, he had his own manufacturing plant that was totally lost during Hurricane Andrew in 1992. He then went to work as an Operations Manager with Heritage Manufacturing, Inc., an American Icon in the Revolver industry that was eventually purchased by Taurus Holdings, Inc. a subsidiary of Forjas Taurus, S. A., a Brazilian conglomerate focusing on the firearms, metals manufacturing, body armor and helmet industries among others.


MVB operates its state of the art manufacturing plant in beautiful South Florida.   We commenced our operations in a 1,200 sq. ft. floor space plant with two Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines or as they are now called, CNC Machines. Today we have over 20 CNC machines in our current state of the art 16,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant. We are currently running 2 production shifts, so we have production capacity available to add a third shift, and we are always looking for new clients, products and ventures.

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Gared Von Benecke
MVB Industries, Inc.